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A risky decision by the Senators to hire a former Canadian team coach

Published May 6, 2024 at 4:21 PM

The Ottawa Senators have once again stirred the pot in the NHL coaching market by appointing Travis Green as their new head coach, following the dismissal of DJ Smith. This move comes after interim coach Jacques Martin led the team to a middling 26-26-4 record, a performance that failed to secure his tenure beyond the season. Green, previously with the Vancouver Canucks and a brief stint at the New Jersey Devils, steps into a role fraught with expectations and skepticism.

The Senators' decision to replace Smith, who had an unremarkable stint, with Martin was initially seen as a placeholder move until a more permanent solution was found.

Martin, a familiar face in Ottawa, couldn't make a compelling case for a longer contract, leading the management to scout for alternatives in a crowded coaching market. Green, only the second coach to be signed in this offseason's shuffle, now has the task of steering the Senators out of their years of underperformance.

Green's coaching history invites scrutiny; his tenure with the Canucks and the Devils showcases a mixed bag of results. In Vancouver, where he coached from 2017 to 2021, the team reached the playoffs only once in five years.

His strategy, often described as lackluster, left fans and critics wanting more structured play and consistent performance. His recent role with the Devils ended with a 8-12-1 run, closing a season where playoff hopes were once again dashed.

Critics of the appointment highlight the missed opportunity in passing over candidates like Jay Woodcroft, Dean Evason, and Craig BerubeŚcoaches with proven track records and playoff success. Woodcroft, in particular, represents the kind of young, dynamic coaching talent that could have brought fresh energy and innovation to a Senators team that desperately needs a new direction.

Senators fans might feel a sense of déjà vu, as the team's coaching saga continues with a choice that seems to favor experience over potential.

The coming seasons will be crucial for Green to prove his detractors wrong and to align with the aspirations of a fanbase weary of mediocrity. As the Senators embark on this new chapter, the pressure is on for Green to deliver results that have long eluded this team.

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A risky decision by the Senators to hire a former Canadian team coach

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