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A well-known Oilers insider thinks McDavid is better than Gretzky

Published May 10, 2024 at 7:15

In a recent episode of the popular hockey podcast, "Spittin Chiclets," Edmonton Oilers veteran reporter Bob Stauffer shared intriguing insights into the evolution of hockey talents in the city, famously known for its rich hockey history. Stauffer, who has closely observed the Oilers since the Wayne Gretzky era, boldly compared the legendary Gretzky to the contemporary marvel, Connor McDavid, describing the latter as a "cheat code" in today's hockey landscape.

Bob Stauffer's roots in Edmonton provide him a unique vantage point. Witnessing first-hand the transformative Gretzky era, he articulates a compelling narrative on how McDavid, despite different playing conditions and eras, elevates modern hockey with his unparalleled speed and acute hockey sense.

This perspective, shared on a widely-followed platform like Spittin Chiclets, emphasizes not just generational shifts but also the adaptive brilliance of players like McDavid.

Gretzky, renowned for orchestrating plays from behind the net, dominated his era with a blend of strategic positioning and scoring prowess.

Contrastingly, McDavid harnesses his explosive speed and exceptional hand-eye coordination to impact the game, making him not just a formidable player but a strategic anomaly—akin to a "cheat code" in the sport.

This term, borrowed from video gaming, where a cheat code bypasses usual limitations, aptly encapsulates McDavid's extraordinary capabilities on the ice.

The narrative around McDavid was further enriched following a recent Oilers game where the team, despite leading 4-2, faced a setback against the Vancouver Canucks, losing their grip in the final minutes of the third period.

Unfazed, McDavid's comments post-game reflected his resilience and focus, essential traits that amplify his leadership on and off the ice. His approach to overcoming challenges and leading by example underscores why many see him as a game-changer for the sport.


As the Oilers gear up for the next challenge against the Canucks on May 10th, all eyes will be on McDavid. His current playoff statistics boast an impressive tally of one goal and 12 assists over six games, reinforcing his role as a playmaker who consistently elevates his team's performance.

The upcoming game, scheduled for 10:00 PM Eastern, promises to showcase McDavid's strategic finesse and the continuing evolution of his gameplay, as fans and analysts alike keenly anticipate another electrifying performance.

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A well-known Oilers insider thinks McDavid is better than Gretzky

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