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After blowing a lead in game one, Corey Perry leads a team meeting

Published May 10, 2024 at 4:47 PM

In a stunning reversal that no one saw coming, the Edmonton Oilers relinquished a commanding 4-1 lead against the Vancouver Canucks during the first game of the series, turning an expected easy victory into a distressing defeat. The aftermath saw veteran NHL star Corey Perry take charge, initiating a crucial team meeting aimed at rallying the Oilers.

Perry, known for his leadership and experience, chose to step up at a critical moment. He described the team's brief, yet pivotal discussion:

I'm not going to get into it, but there's a few things — two minutes, maybe — last night after the game that we talked about. Then we moved on and everybody knows what that message means and what that message is. It's not about what guys say to each other. It's more about what they do, how they act, how they play,»

Perry emphasized the need for actions over words in his commentary to Mark Spector.

The game unfolded with promise as the Oilers quickly notched up four goals, putting significant pressure on Canucks' rookie goalie Arturs Silovs. Speculation swirled about a possible goalie change to Casey DeSmith, yet the Canucks stayed the course with Silovs who, bolstered by his team's resilience, witnessed a remarkable comeback.

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The tide turned when the Oilers' aggression waned, allowing the Canucks to dominate and ultimately even the score. Oilers captain Connor McDavid pointed out the team's passive play was a significant factor, especially after losing Leon Draisaitl to an injury in the second period. This change in dynamics underscores a critical area for improvement: the Oilers must challenge Silovs consistently to regain their edge in the series.

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The lesson from game one is clear: half measures will not suffice in the playoffs. Tonight, the Oilers have the opportunity to correct their course and deliver a full-game effort. The strategy should be straightforward—apply relentless pressure on Silovs, maintain offensive momentum, and secure a victory to split the series before Thatcher Demko returns from injury.

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Tonight's game is more than just a chance at redemption; it's a litmus test for the Oilers' resolve and ability to bounce back under playoff pressure.

With the stakes heightened and their backs against the wall, Edmonton must not only confront their in-game challenges but also embody the tenacity and commitment championed by Perry in that pivotal post-game meeting.
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After blowing a lead in game one, Corey Perry leads a team meeting

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