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Canucks fans demand a boycott of Boston Pizza after backing the Oilers

Published May 7, 2024 at 1:05 PM

The Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks are gearing up for a playoff series that promises to extend its rivalry far beyond the confines of an ice rink.

This unique twist in the saga has spilled over into the unsuspecting arena of a Boston Pizza in Penticton, British Columbia, where the local franchise has humorously declared its allegiance to the Oilers on a roadside sign.

The move has ignited a firestorm among Canucks fans, prompting calls for a boycott of the restaurant chain. These heated reactions were prominently displayed in a tweet from a user:

Critics argue that it's ridiculous to boycott a business for merely supporting a hockey team, yet it underscores the intense passion and rivalries that the NHL playoffs can evoke.

The uproar has attracted commentary from various quarters, including former Oiler Ryan Whitney, who chimed in on the controversy, describing Canucks fans' response as overly sensitive. His thoughts were shared in his tweet:

This sentiment resonated with Oilers fans, who are reveling in the drama playing out in what they view as enemy territory.

Social media has become a battleground with opinions flying from both camps. Vancouver supporters are vehemently demanding a change to the sign, while Edmonton fans are basking in the unexpected support deep in Canucks' heartland.

These contrasting views were evident in tweets from various fans:

This unfolding drama not only highlights the deep-seated loyalties and rivalries in Canadian hockey but also illustrates how a playoff series can stir emotions and provoke reactions that ripple through communities.

The saga at Boston Pizza is a testament to the fierce and often humorous passions that define hockey culture in Canada, showcasing just how far and wide the spirit of the game travels among its fans.
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Canucks fans demand a boycott of Boston Pizza after backing the Oilers

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