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The Los Angeles Kings make an official decision on buying out Dubois

Published May 6, 2024 at 8:29 PM

The LA Kings face a precarious situation as they reflect on a season that fell short of expectations.

Central to their challenges is Pierre-Luc Dubois, whose performance this season has sparked intense scrutiny and debate. Acquired during the offseason and handed a hefty 8-year contract with an annual value of 8.5M, Dubois has notably underdelivered, managing just 40 points across 82 games.

The ripple effects of this underperformance have reached GM Rob Blake, who orchestrated Dubois' acquisition. The spotlight intensifies as rumors of a potential buyout of Dubois' contract circulate, despite Blake's recent denials at a media event

Such a financial move would saddle the Kings with significant long-term liabilities. Specifically, if Dubois is bought out before he turns 26 on June 24th, the team would owe him 22.6M spread over 14 years, locking the franchise into payments until 2038.

Elliotte Friedman of the 32 thoughts podcast delves into the complexities of this scenario, shedding light on the severe consequences a buyout would entail

The timing is crucial; the buyout period kicks off 48 hours post-Stanley Cup Finals, with the latest possible conclusion on June 24th—the very day Dubois ages out of the more favorable buyout terms.

Amid these strategic quandaries, Kings President Luc Robitaille has affirmed Rob Blake's position for the upcoming season.

However, the assurance comes with a caveat: Blake's tenure could be perilously contingent on the resolution of the Dubois situation.

As the Kings navigate these choppy waters, the broader implications for the team's financial health and strategic direction loom large.

The decision on Dubois' future is more than a mere contractual obligation—it could define the Kings' trajectory for years to come. Observers and fans alike await the unfolding of these events with bated breath, marking a critical juncture in the storied franchise's history.
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The Los Angeles Kings make an official decision on buying out Dubois

If you were the GM, would you buy out Dubois?

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