Canucks general manager Pat Verbeek is getting ready to deal Trevor Zegras

Sam Jones
June 5, 2024  (8:15)

Canucks general manager Pat Verbeek is getting ready to deal Trevor Zegras
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In a move stirring the waters of the NHL, Anaheim Ducks General Manager Pat Verbeek is reportedly setting the stage for a significant trade involving star forward Trevor Zegras.

According to sources like Pierre LeBrun from The Athletic, the pivot towards trading Zegras comes as Verbeek aims to infuse the team with seasoned talent and a more veteran presence. This strategic shift is evident as the Ducks navigate through a transformative phase.
The decision orbits around Verbeek's aspiration to deepen the team's lineup with experienced players. In a candid revelation, Verbeek expressed his ambition to bolster the team's dynamics.
"I'd like to add a couple more veteran pieces to the group," Verbeek said. "I'd like to find a top-six winger, and I'd like to find a top-four defenseman. You know, 31 other teams could say the same thing, right?"

His remarks underline a universal desire across the league: the quest for balance and depth.
Verbeek further elaborated on his vision for the team's younger talents, suggesting a dual focus on deepening the roster while nurturing the rookies.
"I'm trying to make our lineup deeper while having the younger kids gain more experience, learn from veteran players, and not have to bear the burden of producing offensively."

This strategic pivot highlights a careful blend of growth and performance, aiming to safeguard the team's future while competing assertively in the present.
Trevor Zegras, only 23, faced a challenging season, marred by injuries that limited him to just 31 games. Despite the setbacks, he managed a tally of six goals and nine assists, culminating in 15 points. With a cap hit of $5.75 million over the next two seasons, Zegras represents a valuable asset that many teams might covet as they look to bolster their squads.
As the draft and summer approach, the Ducks, under Verbeek's stewardship, are expected to engage multiple teams to secure the best possible return for Zegras. The negotiation is anticipated to be a focal point of the offseason activities, with Verbeek keen on maximizing the outcome. The complexity of trading a player of Zegras's stature is not lost on the Ducks' management, as such decisions carry significant weight both on and off the ice.
This prospective trade could very well be a cornerstone of the Ducks' strategy as they recalibrate their roster for future challenges. Fans and analysts alike will be watching closely, as the Ducks navigate through these transformative waters with a clear focus on a more seasoned and robust lineup.
Source : - The Score - Report: Ducks listening on Zegras offers
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Canucks general manager Pat Verbeek is getting ready to deal Trevor Zegras

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