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Draisaitl says the Canucks won't be ready for new look Oilers team

Published May 7, 2024 at 7:50 PM

Edmonton Oilers' Leon Draisaitl, during a routine practice session today, swiftly dismissed questions concerning the regular season's head-to-head record with the Vancouver Canucks. His brief interaction highlighted a growing narrative: what happens in the regular season, stays in the regular season.

Draisaitl's annoyance was palpable when he addressed the media, emphasizing that past results should not be a barometer for the upcoming playoff series. "The regular season results do not matter," he stated, a sentiment that echoes across the locker room and fan discussions alike.

The backdrop to his statement lies in the stark contrast between the Oilers and Canucks' regular season encounters.

The Canucks have dominated, sweeping the Oilers 4-0 and outscoring them 21-7. However, Draisaitl and his team argue that the dynamics have shifted significantly since those games, particularly with changes at the trade deadline. Players have come and gone, potentially altering the teams' chemistry and strategies.

The Oilers have surged impressively in recent months, challenging the Canucks for the top spot in the Pacific Division, and their performance down the stretch has been nothing short of spectacular.

This surge is backed by their statistical prowess, notably being ranked first in both the penalty kill and power play across the NHL. This special teams advantage could be a critical factor in the playoffs.

With the playoffs on the horizon, the real test begins. Despite the regular season outcomes, the Oilers stand as the favorites, especially given the Canucks' significant setback—the absence of their starting goaltender, Thatcher Demko.

As the teams brace for what promises to be a riveting series, the narrative is clear: past records are irrelevant, and every game is a new battle. Draisaitl's confidence suggests a belief that the Oilers can not only challenge but possibly advance past the Canucks to the Western Conference final.

His words resonate with a team ready to turn the page, set on rewriting their story where it counts the most.

This playoff series, set against the backdrop of regular-season dominance by the Canucks, promises high stakes and intense hockey action. It's not just about advancing; it's about proving that when it comes to the playoffs, it's a whole new game.
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Draisaitl says the Canucks won't be ready for new look Oilers team

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