Evander Kane claims he got a present after taking out the NHL's biggest plug

Sam Jones
June 12, 2024  (9:51)

Evander Kane
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In his inaugural NHL season, Evander Kane immediately made his presence felt, not just with his scoring ability but also with his fearless attitude towards some of the league's most intimidating figures.

A particularly memorable moment came on April 10, 2004, when Kane, then with the Atlanta Thrashers, encountered NHL's notorious enforcer Matt Cooke on the ice.
During this intense game, Kane delivered a powerful, decisive blow to Cooke, effectively knocking him out with a single punch. The incident quickly escalated as Cooke collapsed onto the ice, prompting an immediate medical response.
This knockout not only marked a significant moment in Kane's career but also made a resounding statement across the league.
The impact of this event extended beyond the ice rink. The Boston Bruins, one of the teams most affected by Cooke's aggressive play style, notably his infamous hit on Marc Savard, expressed their gratitude towards Kane in a unique way.
They sent him a gift basket, a gesture acknowledging his role in delivering a bit of retribution. Kane, recalling the event on the Pardon My Take podcast, admitted to watching the replay of his punch an astonishing 300 times, indicating just how much the moment meant to him.

Evander Kane recalls beating Matt Cooke by knockout in fight

"He was a dirty, dirty player. When it happened —  I mean, I probably watched it, I'm not even over-exaggerating, 300 times. And then I got, I actually got a gift basket from the Boston Bruins later that year in the offseason because of what he did to Marc Savard." - Evander Kane

Cooke's history of dangerous plays has left many players and fans with a sour taste. His notorious hit on Savard, which severely impacted Savard's career due to a prolonged concussion, remains a dark spot in NHL history.
While this single act of on-ice vigilance is a highlight, Kane's career is filled with such moments, underscoring his reputation as one of the most dynamic players in the league. His ability to combine skill, physicality, and a keen sense of timing makes him a formidable opponent and a fan favorite.
Kane's candidness about the incident and his humorous appreciation of the Bruins' unconventional 'thank you' adds a layer of personality to his professional image, making stories like these invaluable to the hockey community.
It's a testament to how the actions on the ice can lead to unexpected alliances and memorable stories in the world of sports.
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This narrative not only captures a pivotal moment in Kane's career but also highlights the broader community and cultural responses within the NHL, offering a fresh perspective on a well-documented event.
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Evander Kane claims he got a present after taking out the NHL's biggest plug

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