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Ex-Oiler Eberle responds to claims Kraken players demanded coach fired

Published May 2, 2024 at 7:36

This season marked a pivotal chapter for the Seattle Kraken, as they navigated the rough waters of the NHL with a less-than-stellar performance, culminating in a significant coaching change. With only 81 points to their name and a 25th place finish in the league, the decision to part ways with head coach Dave Hakstol seemed almost inevitable.

The aftermath of this decision revealed a rare glimpse into the locker room dynamics, as several Kraken players voiced their concerns, albeit anonymously. Such openness is seldom seen in the NHL, and it typically indicates a breakdown of respect and communication within the team.

The original comments came to light through a tweet, which can be viewed here:

The response from the players was swift, particularly from forward Jordan Eberle, who addressed the swirling rumors.

Eberle's reaction was notably measured; he acknowledged the rumors without giving them further fuel, emphasizing that there were no pre-season ultimatums among the players. His comments were shared via another tweet:

Eberle's stance points to a team that, despite internal disagreements, was not actively seeking to undermine their coach from the start. However, Hakstol's reputation had been under scrutiny even before his tenure with the Kraken, with many considering his hiring a questionable move by the franchise.

Now, with Hakstol's chapter closed, the Seattle Kraken are poised to turn a new page. The focus is on rebuilding not just a team, but a spirit of cooperation and ambition. The Kraken's journey is a testament to the transformative power of change within sports franchises.

As they move forward, the eyes of the hockey world will be watching closely, eager to see how this young team reshapes its identity and strategies in the coming seasons. This period of transition is more than just a change in leadership; it's an opportunity for the Kraken to redefine their future and perhaps, their legacy in the NHL.
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Ex-Oiler Eberle responds to claims Kraken players demanded coach fired

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