Mark Stone's wife
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Mark Stone's wife jokes about Vegas Golden Knights cheating scandal

Published May 1, 2024 at 6:16 PM

In the cutthroat world of NHL, the Vegas Golden Knights have been nothing short of a sensation since their debut, swiftly climbing the ranks of league competitiveness.

However, their rapid ascent has not been without controversy, particularly involving allegations of salary cap circumvention led by none other than their captain, Mark Stone. The situation has even seeped into the fabric of his family life, making for a humorous twist in an otherwise tense scenario.

A recent photo circulating on social media captures this mix of controversy and humor perfectly. In the image, Mark's wife, Haley Stone, poses alongside a fan sporting a custom-made jersey.

What makes this jersey stand out is not just Stone's number but the "LTIR" emblazoned where his name should be, a nod to the Long Term Injured Reserve strategy that has become a hot topic among NHL fans and critics. The photo can be seen here:

The heart of the issue lies in the Golden Knights' use of the LTIR to navigate the salary cap's limits. For the past three seasons, Stone has been conveniently placed on injured reserve just before the trade deadline.

This maneuver allows the team to acquire significant assets for the playoffs, effectively fielding a team that's financially above board by regular season standards but ballooning past the cap's upper limit come postseason. Mark Stone's miraculous playoff recoveries have become an annual spectacle, with him returning to full health just in time for game one of the playoffs, while the team reaps the benefits of being $9M over the salary cap.

This strategy has not only drawn ire from NHL purists but has sparked discussions among league managers about potential rule changes to close this loophole. The incident has sparked considerable chatter across forums, with a detailed discussion available at

While the debate over the integrity of the Golden Knights' tactics rages on, the light-hearted involvement of Haley Stone shows that sometimes, you have to either laugh with the critics or become the butt of the joke. As the NHL community and its managers, led by figures like Ken Holland, push for adjustments to the rules, it's clear that the issue of salary cap exploitation is taking center stage.

Yet, despite the serious implications for league policy and team ethics, the Stones' ability to find humor in controversy might just be the silver lining in an ongoing debate filled with tension and passion from the world of ice hockey.
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Mark Stone's wife jokes about Vegas Golden Knights cheating scandal

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