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Leon Draisaitl reportedly wants to move to eastern conference team

Published April 30, 2024 at 5:23 PM

In a startling development that could shake the foundations of the Edmonton Oilers' fanbase, Georges Laraque, a former player for the Oilers, has ignited rumors about Leon Draisaitl's future with the team. On his BPM Sports radio show, Laraque hinted at unsettling news regarding Draisaitl's desires. He shared a conversation with a team insider who suggested that Draisaitl is unlikely to renew his contract with the Oilers, instead showing interest towards the Boston Bruins.

"Do you want me to throw a bomb at you? Someone who works around the team gave me a rumour about Leon Draisaitl. He told me that not only was Draisaitl not going to re-sign with the Oilers, but he would be going to Boston. I don't believe it, but he works around the team." -Georges Laraque

The prospect of Draisaitl leaving Edmonton isn't isolated chatter. Oilers insider Jim Matheson earlier echoed similar sentiments, pinpointing the Bruins as aggressive suitors keen on acquiring Draisaitl as a free agent. The link to Matheson's full report is here:

Eastern Conference Team Going All Out to Acquire Leon Draisaitl.

The contract situation adds another layer of complexity. Draisaitl's current agreement, worth $8.5 million per year, expires at the end of the next season. With the salary cap expected to rise, Draisaitl's camp might angle for a significant raise, possibly around $14 million annually. This financial expectation places the Oilers in a precarious position, especially as they face the possibility of extending a lucrative offer to retain their star. Given the stakes, the Oilers are advised to meet any of Draisaitl's financial demands proactively, avoiding any penny-pinching in such crucial negotiations.

With Ken Holland's impending retirement, the Oilers' ability to navigate this situation will be a testament to their organizational stability and capacity to secure top talent. Ensuring Draisaitl's stay could very well hinge on their willingness to open up the financial floodgates—a move that could deter potential suitors like the Bruins.

For more on Draisaitl's influence and his possible future with the Bruins, visit his Instagram profile:

In sum, the Oilers find themselves at a crossroads. The decision they make regarding Draisaitl could define their future competitiveness and their appeal to other elite players in the league.
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Leon Draisaitl reportedly wants to move to eastern conference team

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