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Full dive into every offseason contract needed for the Edmonton Oilers

Published May 8, 2024 at 9:07

As the Edmonton Oilers gear up for the offseason, the team faces a complex puzzle in managing their salary cap, which involves critical decisions about several key free agents. With approximately $8 million in cap space and 12 free agents to consider, General Manager Ken Holland's strategy will significantly impact the team's composition and competitiveness in the upcoming season.

Zach Laing of Oilersnation recently delved into the Oilers' free agent situation, providing insights and projections about potential contract negotiations and team decisions.

According to Laing, the Oilers are expected to prioritize their three restricted free agents—Holloway, Hamblin, and Lavoie—who are seen as central to bolstering the forward core with cost-effective contracts.

Dylan Holloway, in particular, is tipped to ascend to the top 9 forwards, potentially earning just above a million dollars a year, reflecting both his expected contribution and the team's salary constraints.

Meanwhile, veterans like Henrique and Foegele are anticipated to depart in free agency due to their higher market value, which could see them command salaries upwards of $4 million—a figure beyond Edmonton's current fiscal flexibility.

The decisions extend to role players such as Perry, Carrick, Janmark, and Brown, who are projected to earn between $1-1.4 million. Laing speculates that Perry and Brown, who have proven their worth as depth pieces, are likely to be re-signed.

The futures of Carrick and Janmark with the Oilers may hinge on the team's assessment of their needs for defensive forwards.

On the defensive end, the Oilers face choices regarding unrestricted free agents Desharnais, Stecher, and Broberg. Desharnais, expected to command around $1.4 million, is likely to stay with the Oilers, although his salary could slightly increase.

Stecher's return depends on the team's ability to manage its overall salary cap, including potential moves involving Ceci or Kulak.

Philip Broberg, meanwhile, presents a budget-friendly alternative in defense, potentially securing a contract around $1 million with a possibility of extended term.

His situation underscores the broader strategic considerations for Holland: balancing immediate team needs with financial sustainability.

As the Oilers navigate this crucial offseason, the outcome of these negotiations will shape not just the team's roster but also its strategic direction.

Edmonton's ability to manage its cap effectively while retaining key talents will be pivotal in their pursuit of a deeper playoff run in the upcoming season.
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Full dive into every offseason contract needed for the Edmonton Oilers

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