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Kings' Phil Danault admits to playing through a serious injury

Published May 3, 2024 at 2:24 PM

The resolute spirit of hockey players once again captured the spotlight as the Los Angeles Kings exited the Stanley Cup playoffs, a reminder of the sheer grit that defines the sport. Each postseason unfolds tales of endurance and resilience, and this year, Kings' forward Philip Danault's revelation during exit interviews added another chapter to the saga of hockey toughness.

Philip Danault disclosed he competed with both index fingers broken—a condition that underscores the extreme physical sacrifices players make. Danault detailed his injuries:
"I was playing with both index fingers broken. Broke the right one before the playoffs and the left one during Game 2."

This information was also shared on social media.

Regarded as one of the NHL's premier defensive forwards, Danault's role is pivotal in the Kings' strategy, particularly in matchups against formidable opponents like Connor McDavid.

The revelation of his injury provides context to his less-than-stellar performance during the playoffs, which might have contributed to the Kings' rapid dismissal by the Edmonton Oilers. Engaging in critical game elements like stick checking and faceoffs would have been daunting with such injuries, impacting his effectiveness.

The Edmonton Oilers, on the other hand, showcased their dominance over the Kings, with a performance that was both powerful and tactically superior. Their offensive agility, combined with robust defense and collective resilience, outpaced the Kings, leading to a swift elimination. Drew Doughty, reflecting on the series, acknowledged the Oilers' supremacy, admitting.

"There were no excuses for the Kings' loss" — a sentiment echoed in his post-game comments, highlighted here.

As the Los Angeles Kings reflect on another season ending in familiar disappointment, the harsh reality of Danault's injuries will likely factor into their strategic reassessments.

Such adversities underscore the unpredictable and often brutal nature of playoff hockey, where even the toughest athletes can find their limits tested. This year, as in many before, the NHL playoffs remain a testament to the extraordinary courage and determination of its players.
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Kings' Phil Danault admits to playing through a serious injury

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