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Kyle Dubas fires coach of Penguins in power play move

Published May 3, 2024 at 1:21 PM

The Pittsburgh Penguins have taken a bold step in reshaping their coaching staff, with General Manager Kyle Dubas dismissing associate coach Todd Reirden.

This decision underscores a proactive approach towards addressing the team's struggles, particularly with their underperforming powerplay. Under the new ownership structure, Dubas wields considerable influence as both GM and President of Hockey Operations, signaling that further changes might be on the horizon.

Despite the significant backing from both Dubas and the ownership, head coach Mike Sullivan's position seems increasingly precarious. Sullivan, who has a strong reputation within the organization, was notably against the dismissal of Reirden. This discord was highlighted by NHL insider Frank Seravalli on the Daily Faceoff Podcast, where he discussed potential tensions within the team's leadership:

On DFO Live, Frank Seravalli says there are lot of whispers about will Jon Cooper be staying in TB. He also said there's a bit of a power struggle with Dubas & Sullivan in PIT. Dubas wants to make changes to the coaching staff but Sullivan has been resistant to that.

The link to the podcast episode and further discussion can be found here:

This friction comes at a time when the Penguins are desperately seeking to revitalize their gameplay and maintain competitiveness, especially given the aging roster centered around stars like Sidney Crosby.

The decision to move on from Reirden, who had been tasked with managing the powerplay, reflects a readiness to overhaul strategies and possibly personnel. An incident earlier in the season, captured on video, perhaps best illustrates the challenges faced under Reirden's guidance, where he seemed out of his depth trying to orchestrate a 6-on-5 play:

Check out the video here:

As the organization moves forward, the Penguins are committed to retaining their core players, with plans to re-sign Crosby. However, the pressure is mounting to ensure that all facets of the team are optimized to secure a playoff spot in the near future. The firing of Reirden might just be the first in a series of moves aimed at rejuvenating the team and re-establishing their dominance in the league.

For more details on this development, visit the Penguins' official announcement:

As Pittsburgh navigates through these changes, the coming months will be crucial in determining the direction of the team and how effectively they can bounce back from a challenging season.

The unfolding scenario suggests a critical examination of leadership dynamics and strategic decisions, which will be essential for the Penguins' aspirations in the competitive landscape of the NHL.
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Kyle Dubas fires coach of Penguins in power play move

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