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Draisaitl wants to leave the Edmonton Oilers, multiple insiders report

Published May 2, 2024 at 9:44

In a recent revelation that has sent ripples through the NHL community, George LaRocque, a former enforcer for the Oilers, hinted at a potential shift in the career of Edmonton's star center, Leon Draisaitl. Speaking on BPM sports, 91.9 FM in Montreal, LaRocque shared insights suggesting that Draisaitl might have his sights set on the Boston Bruins if contract negotiations with the Oilers falter.

Draisaitl, whose contract is nearing its conclusion, seems to be contemplating his future with an eye towards Beantown. As per LaRocque's statement,

«Someone well placed within the Oilers organization said that if the Oilers don't go deep in the playoffs, he doesn't see Draisaitl re-signing at the end of his deal and that he'd prefer to be a first-line center in Boston,»

Thereby fueling speculation about his next move.

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The narrative around Draisaitl's potential departure isn't new. Over the past months, whispers of his possible transition have been circulating, with Oilers reporter Jim Matheson also noting the Bruins' strong interest in the talented forward. This conjecture is part of a broader discussion on Draisaitl's immense value to any team, particularly emphasized by his long-standing tenure with the Oilers since being drafted in 2014.

With Edmonton's management possibly undergoing significant changes—speculations suggest Ken Holland might step down as GM—Draisaitl's future seems more uncertain. Newly appointed CEO Jeff Jackson could be looking to make his mark with fresh managerial appointments that align with his vision, further complicating the forward's standing with the team.

Amidst these organizational changes, Draisaitl faces his own contractual challenges. With a cap hit of $8.5 million for the upcoming season and the possibility of a significant raise on the horizon, the Oilers are under pressure to manage their salary cap effectively, especially with other key players like Connor McDavid also due for negotiations.

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For now, Edmonton's focus is squarely on the playoffs and their quest for the Stanley Cup. Yet, as the postseason progresses, the specter of Draisaitl's decision looms large, with Boston potentially offering a coveted role as a top center—a position made all the more attractive with Patrice Bergeron's retirement.

As the off-season approaches, the situation remains fluid, and the Bruins appear keenly aware of the opportunity to integrate a player of Draisaitl's caliber into their lineup. The coming weeks could very well define the future trajectory of both Draisaitl and the teams vying for his skills.

Ongoing developments can be followed here.

In this high-stakes game of NHL chess, the pieces are moving fast, and the outcome could reshape the landscape of the league.
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Draisaitl wants to leave the Edmonton Oilers, multiple insiders report

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