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Kings forward Kevin Fiala penalized for crazy dive

Published May 2, 2024 at 9:43

As the Edmonton Oilers faced off against the Los Angeles Kings, the intensity was palpable, especially midway through the second period.

The stakes were high, and so was the tension, leading to a flurry of penalties that have become the talk of the game.

Kevin Fiala of the Kings found himself in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Attempting to leverage a minor contact into a penalty against the Oilers, Fiala's theatrics backfired, earning him a penalty for embellishment. The incident occurred when Warren Foegele, who barely touched Fiala, was surprisingly penalized as well.

The moment Fiala felt the stick, he dramatically leaped into the air, a move that did not sit well with the officials. Frustrated, Fiala circled the referees, vehemently arguing his case, but to no avail. This dual penalty scenario led to some raised eyebrows among fans and commentators alike. You can see the play and the reactions it sparked here:

But that wasn't the end of the peculiar penalty calls. Corey Perry, another seasoned player known for his on-ice savvy, found himself penalized for a tripping incident involving Kings' defender Mikey Anderson. In a clumsy sequence, Perry inadvertently took Anderson's legs out, resulting in him crashing into the boards at full speed.

Although Perry managed to return to the game, his discomfort was evident, struggling to put weight on his left leg, hinting at potential injuries that could impact his performance. The incident raised concerns about the consistency of the officiating, and the details can be viewed here:

As the series progresses, the Oilers are hopeful to not only emerge victorious but also maintain their health, setting their sights on the ultimate prize: the Stanley Cup.

Tonight's game could be a decisive moment for both teams, with the Oilers aiming to capitalize on their current momentum, while the Kings must regroup and refocus to fend off elimination.

These back-to-back contentious calls have sparked debates among fans and analysts about the quality of officiating and its impact on the game's integrity and outcome. As the playoffs continue, the pressure on referees and players alike will only intensify, making every call and every play
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Kings forward Kevin Fiala penalized for crazy dive

Was it a real penalty if Fiala tried to dive here?

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