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McDavid has an icy comment about Leon Draisaitl in the playoffs

Published May 11, 2024 at 6:58 PM

Everyone in the hockey world acknowledges Leon Draisaitl's prowess during the playoffs, but perhaps none more profoundly than his teammates.

Facing an undisclosed injury, Draisaitl was uncertain to play in last night's crucial game. Yet, as his teammate Connor McDavid remarked, Draisaitl's participation was seemingly inevitable.

"Was there ever a question?" McDavid reflected post-game, his tone conveying both admiration and certainty.

He's a great player. The best player in the world, a lot of nights. Tonight was one of those nights, he was great . . . Was there ever a question? I mean, you guys know him.

True to McDavid's words, not only did Draisaitl make it to the ice, but he also turned in a performance that could only be described as monumental. Scoring a goal and assisting on three others, he was instrumental in the Oilers' victory. This display of tenacity and skill is reminiscent of his 2022 campaign, where despite a high ankle sprain, Draisaitl amassed an impressive 32 points over 16 games. His prowess was particularly noted during a dominant series against Calgary, where, despite visible discomfort and limited mobility, his performance did not falter.

Draisaitl's current season has seen him missing practices and labeled as a game-time decision frequently, sparking speculation about his health.

Rumors suggest he might be concealing an injury sustained from a cross-check by Canucks defenseman Tyler Myers. Such circumstances underscore the resilience and dedication Draisaitl brings to his team, mirroring his previous challenges and triumphs.

In reflecting on last night's game, McDavid emphasized the collective effort of the Oilers, crediting the entire team for the victory against a surprisingly formidable Vancouver Canucks. He dismissed any suggestions of him single-handedly carrying the team, underscoring the integral role every player has in their successes.

As the Oilers continue their playoff journey, Draisaitl's heroic acts on the ice serve not only as a testament to his individual capabilities but also to the spirit of perseverance and teamwork embodied by the entire squad. With players like McDavid and Draisaitl at the helm, the Edmonton Oilers are a force to be reckoned with, their eyes set on ultimate victory.
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McDavid has an icy comment about Leon Draisaitl in the playoffs

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