McDavid meets the next top overall pick and shares great joke about the draft

Sam Jones
June 10, 2024  (3:48 PM)

Meets the next top overall pick and shares great joke about the draft
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In an exciting prelude to game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final in Florida, NHL's future talents had a golden opportunity to mingle with some of the sport's current icons.

Connor McDavid and Evander Kane took a moment from their preparations to interact with top prospects, adding a memorable chapter to the finals.
The prospects, including the much-talked-about Macklin Celebrini poised to be the first overall pick, along with Cayden Lindstrom, Artyom Levshynov, and Zeev Buium, had a chance to gain insights from players who are now pillars of the league. McDavid shared laughs and wisdom, touching on his experiences and even cracking a light-hearted joke about the prospects' reactions to the Fitness Testing Combine.
»We just chatted with them a little bit before jumping in here. Seemed like some great kids. They said they had fun at the combine, which . . . we were surprised at. Exciting time for everybody, for those kids.»


Amidst the laughter that McDavid's remark sparked, there was a sense of ease among the Edmonton Oilers, despite trailing in the series against Florida. McDavid recalled his own pre-draft experiences, notably his visit to the Chicago-Tampa Bay Final. Meeting stars like Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews back then left a lasting impression, one he seemed keen to pass on. His advice to the prospects was poignant—focus less on the draft itself and more on the journey it begins.
As McDavid, at only 27 years old, navigates his 9th NHL season, his evolution from a promising talent to a veteran leader is remarkable. Referring to the young players as "kids," McDavid not only shows his growth but also his readiness to shepherd the next generation. With his sights set on securing his first Stanley Cup, McDavid continues to build on a legacy that could rank him among the legends of the game.
This meeting not only highlighted the camaraderie and mentorship thriving within the NHL but also underscored the blend of competition and community that defines the sport at its highest levels. As the finals progress, the influence of such interactions will surely resonate with these young stars, potentially shaping their careers in ways they can only yet imagine.
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McDavid meets the next top overall pick and shares great joke about the draft

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