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National anthem singer is banned by Edmonton Oilers fans

Published April 26, 2024 at 3:31 PM

In the world of sports, superstitions and fan sentiments often intermingle in ways that can impact even the most traditional elements of a game, like the national anthem.

For the fervent supporters of the Edmonton Oilers, their latest grievance centers on the seemingly unlucky charm of country musician Brett Kissel's performances. Every time Kissel has graced the ice to sing the national anthem, the Oilers' luck has faltered, stirring a wave of superstitious backlash from the fans.

Astonishingly, nearly 2,000 dedicated Oilers supporters have made their feelings known through a digital petition, voicing a clear message: they believe the team loses whenever Kissel performs. The link to the petition, as shared by Jenna Winterburn, can be found here:

The fan-led outcry encapsulates their frustration in a quote from the petition:

"Since he started his performances, our beloved Oilers have not won a single playoff game. While correlation does not necessarily imply causation, this pattern is disconcerting for many fans like myself who are desperate to see our team win. This petition does not aim to discredit Brett Kissel's talent or contributions as an artist but seeks a change in hopes of breaking this perceived ‘Kissel curse.'"

Responding with good humor and grace, Kissel addressed the fans' concerns directly. His witty retort on social media, where he humorously blamed himself for historical game losses, reveals his awareness of the situation and his decision to step back from performing the anthem in Edmonton. Fans curious about his response can view his post here:

This episode marks yet another chapter in the Oilers fans' proactive approach this season. Earlier, there was a similar initiative to change the playoff broadcast team, though it didn't gain the same momentum. The constant in these fan actions is a deep-rooted passion for their team and an unwavering desire to see them succeed, proving that in the realm of hockey, the fans are just as much a part of the game as the players on the ice. With the so-called "Kissel curse" now lifted, the onus is entirely on the Oilers to turn their playoff fortunes around.
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National anthem singer is banned by Edmonton Oilers fans

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