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NHL announces suspension incoming for Soucy cross checking McDavid

Published May 13, 2024 at 9:03

Last night's face-off between the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks ended not with cheers but with chaos, as tensions spilled over into a post-game scrum that has now caught the NHL's watchful eye. In the dying seconds of the game, a confrontation behind the net saw Connor McDavid, the Oilers' captain, subjected to a sequence of cross-checks that could have significant repercussions.

The incident, captured in a now-viral tweet from BR Open Ice, shows Nikita Zadorov of the Canucks delivering a forceful cross-check to McDavid's back, sending him tumbling to the ice. As McDavid fell, another blow came from Carson Soucy, whose cross-check to McDavid's face has been widely condemned. The video, which can be seen here:

Has prompted an outcry from fans and pundits alike. Now, the NHL has announced an incoming hearing for Soucy, meaning he will be suspended.

NHL insider Frank Seravalli suggests that the league is considering suspensions, especially given that the infractions occurred after the final buzzer—an action that traditionally draws stringent scrutiny from the NHL. Historical precedents, like the recent suspension of Morgan Rielly for a similar incident, underline the seriousness with which the league views post-game misconduct. Seravalli's insights are detailed in his latest update, available

Further commentary comes from Craig Burton, another NHL insider, who argues that swift action is imperative. "Anything less than a suspension is a failure from Player Safety," Burton states, emphasizing the need for a decisive response to protect the integrity of the sport and its players. His full commentary can be found here:

The NHL's Department of Player Safety is often criticized for its lenient approach during the playoffs, yet the egregious nature of this incident may necessitate a departure from the norm. The primary question now facing the NHL is whether to prioritize the welfare of its marquee players, like McDavid, or to diminish the severity of punishments to maintain competitive balance in the postseason.

As the league deliberates, the outcome of this incident will not only affect the involved parties but may also set a precedent for future conduct and disciplinary actions in the NHL. With player safety in the spotlight, the decision will likely resonate beyond this series, impacting perceptions of justice and enforcement in professional hockey.
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NHL announces suspension incoming for Soucy cross checking McDavid

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