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Nico Hischier takes on a frightening cut at the European Championships

Published May 13, 2024 at 6:55 PM

In a chilling moment at today's IIHF World Championships, New Jersey Devils captain Nico Hischier faced a harrowing near-miss when he narrowly dodged a skate blade to the face. The incident, which could have ended disastrously, left Hischier bleeding and required immediate medical attention.

During a high-intensity play, Hischier, spearheading an aggressive drive towards the net, lost his footing and collapsed. This fall resulted in a precarious tangle with two Czech defensemen. In what was described as a freak accident, one defenseman's skate grazed perilously close to Hischier's face, mercifully without making direct contact. The relief was palpable as the situation did not escalate into a more grievous injury.


The aftermath was nonetheless shocking, with Hischier visibly bleeding, prompting a swift escort to the locker room. The severity of the cut was significant enough to necessitate stitches and a jersey change—from his customary number 13 to a temporary number 49—due to the blood-soaked fabric.

Despite these efforts, Hischier was notably absent from the Swiss lineup during the game-deciding shootout, an indication that the Swiss captain was far from fully recovered. This incident underscores the inherent risks that accompany the participation of NHL players in international competitions. Such occurrences stir anxiety within the NHL, as they prefer to avoid witnessing their players in peril outside their jurisdiction.

Thankfully, the outcome for Hischier was less severe than it might have been, but the incident has surely left its mark on him and the spectators. The event serves as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking in the high-speed, high-stakes environment of professional hockey.

For further details, you can visit the original reports on this incident here:

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Nico Hischier takes on a frightening cut at the European Championships

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