Oilers and Flames compete to sign free agent Jake DeBrusk

Sam Jones
June 16, 2024  (8:40)

Oilers and Flames compete to sign free agents Jake DeBrusk
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Jake DeBrusk, the Alberta-born winger from the Boston Bruins, is poised to become one of the hottest free agents on the market.

As his contract nears its end, both the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers are making strong plays to sign him, with the Carolina Hurricanes also in the mix.
This development sparks an intriguing battle for DeBrusk, who has strong familial ties to Edmonton, adding a layer of sentimentality to his professional decisions.
Jake DeBrusk's connection to Alberta is deep-rooted. Not only is Edmonton his hometown, but his father, Louie DeBrusk, is also a former Oiler and currently a commentator for Sportsnet.
These connections make the Oilers an attractive option for Jake. However, Calgary is just a stone's throw away and presents a significant opportunity. In comparison, the Carolina Hurricanes, while geographically more distant, are also a viable contender in this three-way tug-of-war.
A source tells The Win Column that there is mutual interest between DeBrusk and the Flames. That's not to say there will be a deal consummated on July 1, but it is certainly a possibility. DeBrusk also has mutual interest with the Edmonton Oilers and a third team, which I believe to be the Carolina Hurricanes.

Drafted by the Bruins in 2015, DeBrusk has remained with the team throughout his NHL career, despite frequent trade rumors. The 27-year-old forward has established himself as a reliable two-way player, capable of scoring up to 25 goals a season. Although last season saw a slight dip in his performance, with 19 goals and 40 points over 80 games, his playoff performance was notably robust, with 5 goals and 11 points in just 13 games.
Looking ahead, DeBrusk's market value could be estimated in the $5-6 million range for a long-term contract. Such an investment would be a strategic addition for the Oilers, potentially pairing him with stars like Leon Draisaitl. However, the Flames, who are undergoing a rebuild, might find such a signing less practical in the short term.
The immediate focus for the Oilers, however, is the Stanley Cup Final. With the team down 0-3, they face a critical game 4 at home. The stakes couldn't be higher, and the team's resilience is under the microscope. Historically, only one team has overcome such odds in the finals, but if any team can stage a dramatic comeback, it's the Connor McDavid-led Oilers.
Source: The Win Column
Mutual interest between the Calgary Flames and Jake DeBrusk in free agency
Jake DeBrusk's decision in the coming weeks will not only influence his career trajectory but also significantly impact the strategic dynamics of the NHL's Western Conference. As teams line up their offers, the hockey world watches eagerly, anticipating where this talented winger will land.
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Oilers and Flames compete to sign free agent Jake DeBrusk

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Boston Bruins119.6 %
Edmonton Oilers8473 %
Calgary Flames108.7 %
Other108.7 %
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