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Oilers prove they are the tougher team in playoffs this year

Published April 28, 2024 at 7:24 PM

The Edmonton Oilers, under the leadership of Connor McDavid for nearly a decade, are showcasing a remarkable transformation this NHL season, particularly evident in their playoff performance. The team's enhanced toughness is becoming a defining trait, setting them apart and altering perceptions about their capabilities in the postseason.

Historically, teams like the Los Angeles Kings have tried to exploit the Oilers by slowing down the game with heavy physical play. However, this strategy no longer seems effective against the current Oilers squad, which has bolstered its lineup with resilient and robust players.

A standout moment that epitomizes this newfound grit came from Vinny Desharnais, signaling a shift in the team's physical presence, making them a formidable opponent in the physicality department.

As the playoff series returned to Los Angeles, the Kings aimed to leverage their home advantage by ramping up their physical game. Yet, the Oilers, with players like Evander Kane and other seasoned veterans, met this challenge head-on.

The response was swift and united after Andreas Englund's hit on Kane, demonstrating the team's solidarity and readiness to support one another in every skirmish.

With this enhanced toughness, the Oilers are not just participating in the playoffs; they are poised to make a deep run, strengthened by their comprehensive team dynamics. While Corey Perry has yet to make his mark this postseason, the team's overall performance has been dominant.

On the other side, the Kings are desperately seeking a way to turn the tide in a series where they're down 2-1 but feeling the pressure of the Oilers' dominance.

In a bold move, they are starting 'Big Save' Dave Rittich tonight, benching veteran Cam Talbot in hopes of sparking a comeback.

This strategic shift by the Kings underscores the intense competition and the Oilers' influential presence in the playoffs, proving that they are a team transformed, not just in skill but in spirit and physicality.
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Oilers prove they are the tougher team in playoffs this year

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