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Rogers place threatens to remove alcohol due to unruly fan behavior

Published April 27, 2024 at 5:22 PM

The excitement around the Oilers-Kings playoff series has reached a fever pitch, with fans bringing a palpable energy to the stands.

However, the fervor at the official watch parties at the Oilers' home arena has crossed into problematic territory, prompting concerns about alcohol sales at these events.

At these gatherings, some fans have displayed concerning behavior. During the third game, which saw the Oilers dominate the Kings, several incidents of unruly conduct were reported.

Fans threw beer cans, engaged in physical altercations, and a few were seen in a visibly inebriated and aggressive state. These actions were not only captured by bystanders but also shared widely online, casting a shadow over what should be a celebratory event.

The issue of disruptive fans is not new to Edmonton. Last year, the watch parties saw even more severe incidents, including a stabbing after game 6 against the Kings. Such extreme behavior detracts significantly from the communal spirit intended at these events.

With the ongoing concerns, it's crucial for attendees to stay vigilant. The repeated instances of misconduct suggest a troubling trend among a minority of fans who struggle to control their alcohol consumption.

As the series progresses, the hope is that fans will heed the lessons of past events and contribute to a safer, more enjoyable environment. If you're planning to attend a watch party, remain cautious and steer clear of those who seem inclined toward disruptive behavior.
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Rogers place threatens to remove alcohol due to unruly fan behavior

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