Prominent insider reveals expected terms for Desharnais contract

Sam Jones
May 19, 2024  (3:37 PM)

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The Edmonton Oilers face a pivotal decision as the year draws to a close: to re-sign or not to re-sign Vincent Desharnais, the fan-favorite defenseman who is poised to become a free agent.

Oilers insider Bob Stauffer has been quite outspoken, predicting that Desharnais will likely secure a long-term contract with the team. Previously, Stauffer hinted at a potential seven-year deal, and recent discussions suggest a contract worth approximately $2M annually might be on the horizon.
From a seventh-round draft pick to a cornerstone of the Oilers' defense, Desharnais's journey is nothing short of inspirational. After years of honing his skills in the AHL and ECHL, Desharnais has seized his NHL opportunity with vigor, becoming an indispensable role player. His formidable presence as a bottom-pairing defenseman, characterized by his significant size and physicality, has made him a key asset. Letting him walk in free agency after just 114 games would be a tough pill to swallow for the team and fans alike.
As free agency looms, Desharnais faces a potentially lucrative crossroads. His skill set, highly valued especially among playoff contenders, could fetch up to $3M on a short-term deal, reminiscent of Justin Holl's career trajectory. However, the Oilers seem intent on securing his services for a longer term to keep his salary more manageable, echoing the strategy used in the Zach Hyman deal.
Desharnais's impact in the playoffs has been unmistakable. Beyond his physical contributions on the ice, he has emerged as an emotional leader, rallying his team with vigor. His ability to engage in the fray, notably his memorable double headlocks during the playoffs, highlights his unique blend of size and skill that so perfectly suits postseason play.
The Oilers and Desharnais are at a crucial juncture. The decision will not only affect the defenseman's career but also the strategic direction of the team. With the core group poised for more playoff runs, securing Desharnais could be critical. His role in the team's structure, especially during the playoffs, underscores the potential high stakes of his free agency.
As negotiations possibly unfold, the Oilers must balance the scales of competitive salary offers and the strategic need to maintain a cohesive and robust defense. Edmonton's playoff aspirations hinge not just on star power but on reliable defenders like Desharnais, whose journey from a draft afterthought to playoff hero embodies the spirit of hockey.
This off-season could define the Oilers' trajectory for years to come, as they decide whether to keep a homegrown talent who has become a linchpin of their defensive lineup.
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Prominent insider reveals expected terms for Desharnais contract

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