Seattle Kraken next coaching hire could break barriers in NHL

Sam Jones
May 29, 2024  (7:26 PM)

If the Seattle Krakens get their next coach right, they could break NHL records
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In a groundbreaking move for the NHL, Jessica Campbell is reportedly set to join the Seattle Kraken as an assistant coach, potentially marking her as the first woman to hold such a position in league history.

This development follows the recent promotion of Dan Bylsma to head coach of the Kraken, having previously led their AHL affiliate, the Coachella Valley Firebirds, alongside Campbell.
Campbell's transition from the AHL, where she played a crucial role in leading the Firebirds to a stellar 46-15-6 record, could be a monumental step forward for diversity in sports. Her expertise, particularly in enhancing team strategies like the power play, could be exactly what the Kraken needs. Last season, the Kraken struggled in powerplay scenarios, ranking in the lower half of the league.
That's the approach I take -- it's to work with them on an individual level. It's how I want to support them, how they can be helped and then build around that. I was also involved in special teams and running power play. So again, the communication piece and showing them that my mind is creative and I wanted to bring that creativity to them and to the approach of how I could coach them and show them different ways they can think about the game or approach different situations.

Campbell's innovative coaching style and her ability to connect with players on a personal level have been pivotal in her success. Her potential appointment could signify a shift in the NHL, highlighting the increasing opportunities for women in high-level coaching positions.
If confirmed, Campbell's role would not only be a significant milestone for her career but also a symbolic victory for gender equality in sports. It would demonstrate that the path to coaching at the highest levels of hockey is open to all, potentially inspiring more women to pursue careers in sports management and coaching.
The inclusion of Jessica Campbell in the NHL coaching ranks would not only enhance the Seattle Kraken's strategies on the ice but also bolster the league's commitment to diversity and inclusion. As the NHL continues to evolve, the integration of varied perspectives and backgrounds among its leadership can only enrich the sport.
This appointment could herald a new era for the NHL, where merit leads the way, and gender becomes an irrelevant factor in the hiring process. Jessica Campbell's journey is a beacon for future generations, illustrating that with skill, dedication, and a creative approach, the top tiers of sports coaching are within reach.
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Seattle Kraken next coaching hire could break barriers in NHL

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