Switching up main jerseys and logos: Anaheim Ducks vs. Los Angeles Kings

Sam Jones
June 6, 2024  (5:05 PM)

Switching up main jerseys and logos: Anaheim Ducks vs. Los Angeles Kings
Photo credit: Hockeyroyalty.com

In a move that blends tradition with modern flair, the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings are set to unveil new primary jersey designs in the upcoming year, sparking excitement among fans and collectors alike.

This update, rooted in each team's storied past, promises to bring vintage logos back into the limelight with a contemporary twist.
The Ducks are preparing to introduce a refreshed version of the beloved Mighty Ducks logo, this time incorporating the vibrant orange hues that define their current color scheme.
The Kings, not to be outdone, will revive the iconic logo from the Gretzky era, maintaining the regal crown that has become synonymous with the team's identity.
These anticipated changes were first reported by Icethetics, a renowned Seattle-based hockey aesthetics website, and have quickly become the talk of the NHL community.
The official unveilings are scheduled to occur at the forthcoming NHL Draft, adding a layer of anticipation to the event. Fans can catch a glimpse of the official announcements on the teams' social media channels:
The upcoming season also marks a significant transition in NHL jersey production, with Fanatics set to take over from the current manufacturers. This change has been met with mixed reactions from the hockey community, as Fanatics has previously faced criticism for the quality of their MLB jerseys, described by some as subpar in comparison to authentic team gear.
Concerns remain about whether Fanatics will elevate their standards for these highly anticipated NHL jerseys. More details on Fanatics' reception can be found here:
It's clear that both the Ducks and Kings are tapping into a growing trend of nostalgia in sports apparel, recognizing that fans cherish the unique character and design elements of vintage styles.
By reintroducing these classic logos within a modern context, both teams are not just revisiting their heritage but also strengthening their brand identity in a market that values authenticity and history.
As we look forward to the NHL Draft, the hockey world is abuzz with anticipation. Will these new jerseys live up to the hype? Will Fanatics deliver on quality? These questions will soon be answered as the Ducks and Kings gear up to skate into the future, draped in jerseys that celebrate their rich histories.
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Switching up main jerseys and logos: Anaheim Ducks vs. Los Angeles Kings

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