A Former NHL Franchise Could Make A Comeback In The Coming Years

Published March 4, 2023 at 7:03 PM

The possibility of the NHL returning to Atlanta has been a topic of discussion for quite some time. A recent tweet by ESPN's John Buccigross has fueled the speculations. While there hasn't been any concrete information surrounding the return of NHL hockey to Atlanta, reporter Maria Martin has shed some light on the issue.

According to Martin, if the plan comes to fruition, the team will play in a new arena in the suburb of Alpharetta, rather than State Farm Arena, where the Thrashers played. Both expansion and relocation are on the table for the potential return of NHL hockey to Atlanta.

Despite the failure of the previous two NHL franchises in Atlanta, the recent success of the NHL's newest franchises, the Vegas Golden Knights and Seattle Kraken, suggests that an expansion team would work in Atlanta. Additionally, the money generated from an expansion team would be significant.

If the NHL goes down the relocation route, the Arizona Coyotes seem to be the only logical team that could be on the move. The Coyotes are wanting to build a massive entertainment complex in Tempe, but if they don't get the votes to move ahead with the project, relocating the team seems to be the only option.

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A Former NHL Franchise Could Make A Comeback In The Coming Years

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