Crowd Goes Crazy When Shania Twain Shouts Out The Oilers

Published May 10, 2023 at 8:49

Shania Twain, the beloved country music superstar, delighted her fans in Edmonton with an unforgettable two-night performance at Rogers Arena. After a significant hiatus from the stage, Shania is back on tour, showcasing her latest album to adoring audiences.

During the electrifying concert, while belting out her hit song "You're The One," Shania took a clever detour in the lyrics, inserting the Oilers' name at a captivating moment, much to the crowd's absolute joy.

If you listen closely to the pre-chorus, you'll catch Shania's spontaneous shout-out:
"They said, I bet They'll never make it, but look at the Oilers! Holy s***!"
The unexpected mention of the hometown team prompted cheers and applause from the thrilled audience.

As a lifelong hockey enthusiast and Ontario resident, it comes as no surprise that Shania Twain is a fan of the game. It's always enjoyable to witness famous personalities and influential figures hop on the bandwagon, expressing their appreciation for the Oilers and adding to the excitement surrounding the team.

For a moment, the worlds of music and sports collided, creating an unforgettable experience for Shania's fans in Edmonton, who were treated not only to incredible music but also to a shared celebration of their beloved Oilers
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Crowd Goes Crazy When Shania Twain Shouts Out The Oilers

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