NHL Playoff Team BANS Canadians From Attending

Published May 2, 2023 at 12:30

As the NHL playoffs' second round approaches, fans are eagerly planning their trips, including buying tickets and booking hotel rooms. However, Canadian fans may face obstacles in purchasing tickets if they intend to travel to Florida for the upcoming Leafs-Panthers series.

According to a recent announcement from the Florida Panthers organization, only American fans will be able to buy tickets for the games at the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida. This means that Maple Leafs fans who don't live in Florida or have an American zip code won't be able to purchase tickets.

The notice stated, "Sales to this event will be restricted to residents of the United States. Residency will be based on credit card billing address. Orders by residents outside of the United States will be canceled without notice and refunds given."

While it's unclear why the Panthers organization has chosen to restrict ticket sales in this way, some speculate that it may be an attempt to avoid selling out their arena. However, this is merely an opinion, and the true reason for the restriction remains unknown.

Regardless of the Panthers' motivations, the ticket sales restriction is undoubtedly disappointing news for Canadian fans hoping to catch the Leafs-Panthers series in person. Here's hoping that the Panthers' playoff hopes don't fade away like a sunset in the coming games.
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NHL Playoff Team BANS Canadians From Attending

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