BREAKING : Coyotes Future New Arena May Be In Jeopardy After Lawsuit

Published March 29, 2023 at 3:19 PM

The ongoing conflict between the city of Phoenix and Tempe has taken a turn for the worse as the Phoenix aviation department has now filed a formal complaint in Maricopa County Superior Court. The complaint accuses Tempe of violating a contract that dates back to 1994. Despite attempts to resolve the disagreements and find a mutually beneficial solution without legal action, discussions between the two cities have been unsuccessful over the past year. This latest development highlights the escalating nature of the dispute and suggests that finding a resolution may prove more difficult than anticipated.

Per Phoenix Aviation Department Director of Aviation Services, Chad Makovsky:

The Phoenix Aviation Department does not object to a sports arena, restaurants, shops, and other compatible uses related too the proposed Tempe Entertainment District. Today's action is about ensuring Tempe lives up to its commitments to protecting our state's largest economic engine - Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, the more than 57,000 employees and 44 million annual travelers who depend on the Airport, and the communities surrounding the Airport who depend on the long-standing agreement between our two cities.

The Arizona Coyotes' plans for a new arena may be in jeopardy as a lawsuit threatens to derail the project, casting doubts on the possibility of constructing apartment complexes in the district. While there are presently apartments situated across from the proposed site, the city of Phoenix is reportedly opposed to adding another entertainment venue that would compete with the Footprint Center Arena, where the Phoenix Suns play NBA basketball and numerous concerts are held.

To add to the uncertainty, the city of Tempe has scheduled a vote on the project for May 16th, which includes three propositions. The fate of the Coyotes' future arena plans rests in the hands of Tempe voters. Given the potential legal challenges and opposition from nearby cities, it remains to be seen whether the Coyotes will be able to build their new arena or if they may be forced to relocate.

Relocation chatter has already begun AGAIN !
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BREAKING : Coyotes Future New Arena May Be In Jeopardy After Lawsuit

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