Stuart Skinner Issues an Apology to Jack Campbell

Published April 28, 2023 at 10:22

During Sunday's Game 4, the Oilers won 5-4 in overtime after head coach Jay Woodcroft replaced Skinner with Jack Campbell after the first period. Skinner had let in three goals on only 11 shots, causing Edmonton to fall behind 3-0.

In response, Skinner addressed the media and said,
«The previous game for me, specifically, obviously didn't go the way that I wanted it to go. But the team ended up getting the win, which is all that matters."

Skinner admitted that his emotions might have overwhelmed him after giving up three goals in the first period.
«I was a little pissed off in the first period. After that, I was able to calm down it was just nice to see what Jack was doing,» he added.

The decision to play Campbell for the first time in the series turned out to be a great move for the Oilers. He made 27 saves out of 28 shots and secured an overtime win to tie the series 2-2. Skinner apologized to Campbell for the decision, stating,
«I apologized to Jack for, for doing that to him. I mean, it's always, you know, it's you never get put in a great spot when you go in cold. So he did a great job. [He was] unbelievable. He was stellar. He made some huge saves."

Coach Woodcroft also praised Campbell's performance, saying,
«I have belief in both of our goaltenders. That's not assigning any blame on Stuart for the way the first period went, but I felt our team needed a little change in momentum and give us a different kind of look,» Woodcroft said following Game 4.
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Stuart Skinner Issues an Apology to Jack Campbell

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