BREAKING: Gary Bettman Reveals Huge News For The City of Edmonton

Published April 18, 2023 at 9:53

There has been a longstanding perception among NHL fans that Commissioner Gary Bettman favors American teams and cities over Canadian ones. This view was reinforced last season when the Montreal Canadiens won the NHL Draft Lottery and Bettman's reaction was caught on camera:

"Montreal my oh my ok Montreal."

The reaction was interpreted by some as evidence of Bettman's bias against Canadian teams. This perception is further reinforced by his apparent reluctance to relocate the Arizona Coyotes, which many see as a poorly-performing franchise, out of the desert and possibly bring back the Quebec Nordiques.

Recently, Bettman was asked about the possibility of the Edmonton Oilers hosting the NHL draft or All-Star Game, given that the team has been in the league for over 40 years. He replied:

We've already been in constant discussions. I think from the Oilers' perspective, they want the Ice District finished. At that point, they want us to bring the events and we're happy to do it. We're coming; it's just a question of timing.

Gary Bettman:

While some fans may still perceive Bettman as biased against Canadian teams, his statement suggests that the league is open to hosting events in Edmonton and is simply waiting for the right timing.
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BREAKING: Gary Bettman Reveals Huge News For The City of Edmonton

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