NHL Player Safety Comes to Conclusion on Klim Kostin's Received Nutshot

Published May 12, 2023 at 2:18 PM

Over the past number of years, the decisions by the NHL Department of player safety have been unusual and head-scratching at times.

When a certain player does a certain type of infraction and receives the full weight of the department through suspension or heavy fines, other players can get away scot-free for doing the same thing.

It was evident during game four of the Edmonton Oilers versus the Golden Knights game when Golden Knights defenceman Shea Theodore decided to spear Oilers forward Klim Kostin between the legs and right where it counts the most.

Kostin went down instantly in pain as Theodore skated off without thinking it a second thought. No suspension or fine was given.

Just before the season-ending, Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Tony DeAngelo did the same cheap shot against lightning forward Corey Perry. D'Angelo was suspended for 2 games.

If the NHL's Players Safety Department wants to be seen as serious and consistent, they need to start making calls the same way when it's the same plays. Even if it's in the playoffs it should be mandatory across the board so that the optics look good and the calls are done properly.
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NHL Player Safety Comes to Conclusion on Klim Kostin's Received Nutshot

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