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Cam Talbot reacted to Oilers fans booing their former goalie

Published April 26, 2024 at 3:49 PM

In the electrifying atmosphere of the hockey arena, as fans eagerly awaited the game's start, the energy was palpable, particularly among Edmonton Oilers fans. They launched into chants aimed at Cam Talbot, the former Oilers goaltender now guarding the net for the Kings. This attempt to unsettle Talbot was part of a broader strategy to leverage the home crowd's energy to their advantage.

Cam Talbot, undeterred by the raucous crowd, used the chants as a source of personal motivation. He humorously suggested the fans were actually showing affection, not derision.

«It's just because they miss me. I think they just miss me and they're cheering for me at this point. That's how I channel it in my head,»

Talbot remarked about the mock chants from Oilers fans in Edmonton.

The link to the source of Talbot's comments can be found here: «https://x.com/DNBsports/status/1783905295456211246».

As the series moved to Southern California, the Kings aimed to even the score in Game 2. Despite the initial jeering, the Kings found their rhythm, thanks in part to their defenseman Drew Doughty, who scored a critical goal late in the first period. Doughty's goal celebration seemed to throw the challenge right back at the Oilers' fans, indicating a turning of the tides.

Further insight into the game's developments is available here:

Kings coach Jim Hiller lauded Talbot for his exceptional performance, particularly noting his crucial contributions to their victory.

«He had a big hand in winning us the hockey game (Wednesday night),» Hiller explained. «Somebody asked me (in the) morning if I heard the Talbot chants (during Game 1) and I didn't. I heard them prior to the game for sure. What do you say? The fans are on him. He goes in there, he wins us a hockey game. We get to overtime. He makes some big saves and the guys leave with a win and now we're squared up. So, I would say he's done his job pretty well.»

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Looking ahead, the Oilers are set to recalibrate and refocus as they aim to retake control of the series. The defensive aspects of both teams will undoubtedly be under scrutiny after an explosive 20 goals were scored in just two games. The stakes will be higher than ever as the series progresses to Game 3, scheduled for April 26th, with a late puck drop at 10:30 PM Eastern Time.
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Cam Talbot reacted to Oilers fans booing their former goalie

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