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Canucks fans create a song to mock the Edmonton Oilers in playoffs

Published May 10, 2024 at 4:55 PM

In the heat of the NHL playoffs, the tradition of fan-made anthems has taken a humorous twist, thanks to two audacious Canucks supporters.

With a cheeky nod to rivalry, these fans have reimagined U2's iconic song "Where the Streets Have No Name"—also the Canucks playoff entry song—to create a playful jab at the opposing Edmonton Oilers.

The revised lyrics resoundingly declare "the Oilers suck," a chant that opens with the provocative line "McDavid sucks" and playfully targets not only other Oilers players but also the Bruins and the legendary Mark Messier.

The song, shared via social media

Captures the spirit of the friendly banter that defines sports rivalries. The creators clearly don't believe the literal message of their lyrics—as surely no one in their right mind thinks Connor McDavid, one of hockey's brightest stars, actually "sucks." It's all in good fun—a comedic take leveraging the familiar tune of their team's anthem to stir the pot.

This lighthearted mockery is part of a broader tradition among Canadian hockey fans, particularly those from Edmonton, Vancouver, and Calgary, who have embraced the creation of playoff anthems to boost team spirit.

Each city's fans have attempted to outdo each other with catchy, yet often cringeworthy, musical tributes to their beloved teams. Noteworthy among these is the Oilers version, often cited as the best for its infectious energy and less cringe-inducing style.

Links to various fan-made songs underscore the passion and dedication of hockey fans in Western Canada. Oilers supporters are now seemingly challenged to respond to the Canucks fans' latest creation, which might just be the most memorable yet:

Oilers fans' response might be found here:

More songs from the hockey community:

While some Oilers fans might take umbrage at their team being the butt of the joke, the undeniable charm and wit of the song make it a standout among playoff anthems.

As playoff tensions run high, it's clear that the real winner here is the spirit of camaraderie and rivalry that continues to make NHL playoffs an exhilarating spectacle for fans across the board.
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Canucks fans create a song to mock the Edmonton Oilers in playoffs

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