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Coach Knoblauch has created a cheat code for playoff success

Published April 30, 2024 at 6:49 PM

In the heat of the NHL playoffs, the strategic intricacies of coaching can pivot a team's fate, exemplified by Oilers head coach Knoblauch's masterful handling of the team's special teams. His approach has elevated the Oilers' gameplay, transforming their power play and penalty kill into formidable tools that border on being overpoweringly effective.

The recent discussions on the Spittin' Chiclets Podcast highlighted this phenomenon, particularly praising the Oilers' special teams. Former Oiler Ryan Whitney emphasized the exceptional performance metrics: the combined efficiency of the Oilers' penalty kill and power play stands at an unprecedented 153%. He reflected on historical standards where achieving a combined percentage over 100 was considered excellent, stating.

»L.A.'s one of the top penalty killing teams in the league. Look at this. Back when I played, I remember coaches would talk about the combined percentage of PK and PP. If you can get to 105, it's really good. If you can get to 110, it's amazing. 153%? So chirp me all you want, and try to say I'm ridiculous, I'm calling this one of the greatest powerplays of mankind.»

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The Oilers' power play has been historically strong due to the team's sheer talent, but it's the penalty kill that has seen a significant transformation under Knoblauch's tenure. From being a notable weakness, the penalty kill has ascended to the NHL's seventh-best since his leadership began. This improvement means that every power play goal scored by the Oilers not only demoralizes the opposition but also solidifies the Oilers' chances of clinching victories.

Another significant marker of the Oilers' prowess this season is their enhanced penalty kill efficiency, which signals a profound transformation within the team's dynamics. This year, the Oilers have morphed into a team characterized by maturity and physicality, a stark contrast to their previous campaigns. More details on this transformation can be found here:

Oilers Prove They're a Different Team This Playoffs Against Kings.

With these strategic enhancements and the combination of generational talents and a formidable starting goalie in Stuart Skinner, the Oilers are not just participating in the playoffs—they are on a quest for the Stanley Cup. The strategic nuances of their gameplay, spearheaded by Coach Knoblauch, could very well be the linchpin in their pursuit of hockey's ultimate prize.

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Coach Knoblauch has created a cheat code for playoff success

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