Mark Messier
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NHL legend Messier makes prediction for the Oilers Canucks series

Published May 8, 2024 at 2:24 PM

In the intense world of NHL rivalries, few figures stir as much emotion as Mark Messier.

Celebrated for his monumental achievements with the Edmonton Oilers and vilified for his controversial tenure with the Vancouver Canucks, Messier remains a central figure in Canadian hockey lore. His recent role as a broadcast analyst for ESPN brought him into the spotlight once more, especially with his latest take on an old rivalry.

Messier Picks His Side
Messier, once a hero in Edmonton, has boldly chosen the Oilers to dispatch the Canucks in just six games in the ongoing rivalry series—a prediction that undoubtedly stings for Canucks fans. This choice highlights his continued faith in the team with which he celebrated five of his six Stanley Cup victories.

A Storied Career
Mark Messier's NHL journey is nothing short of legendary. Over 1,756 games, he amassed 1,887 points, clinched two Hart Trophies, and lifted the Stanley Cup six times. His promise of similar success in Vancouver ended controversially as he left the team without securing a championship, a move that still resonates with betrayal among Canucks supporters.

The Stanley Cup Prediction
On the Pat McAfee show, Messier didn't just stop with his predictions for the Oilers. He extended his insights to another of his former teams, the New York Rangers. Describing them as the most "complete and balanced team in the playoffs," Messier articulated the elements that make a Stanley Cup winner—great goaltending, strong defense, high-powered offense, and excellent specialty teams.

»You can just see the way they play the game, the way they interact with each other on and off the ice, there's a chemistry that happens with a team that is staged to win the Stanley Cup, and the Rangers have that right now... They have all the ingredients it takes to win a Stanley Cup. They got the great goaltending, the defense, the high-powered offense, their specialty teams are probably as good as there is in the league, so they got all systems go.»
-Mark Messier

Implications for the Oilers
As the Rangers lead a 2-game series against Carolina, positioning themselves as strong contenders for the conference finals, the Oilers too seem poised for a deep playoff run. Their early dominance over the Canucks, compounded by Vancouver's absence of star goaltender Thatcher Demko, suggests Edmonton could be aligning for a significant postseason impact, mirroring the Rangers' readiness.

As the playoffs progress, Messier's dual allegiance offers a unique lens through which the fate of these storied franchises can be assessed. His insights not only reflect a deep understanding of what it takes to win the Stanley Cup but also underline the emotional layers and personal histories that enrich the narrative of the NHL playoffs.
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NHL legend Messier makes prediction for the Oilers Canucks series

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