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Oilers insider shares if Jack Campbell could be called upon in Game 4

Published May 14, 2024 at 8:18

As the Edmonton Oilers gear up for Game 4, the team's goaltending struggles have thrust them into a precarious position.

Following a disappointing 4-3 loss in Game 3, the spotlight has turned sharply onto the crease where Stuart Skinner's performance has been underwhelming. In response, Head Coach Kris Knoblauch made the decisive move to bench Skinner, sparking debates and speculation about the team's next steps.

According to Oilers insider Jim Matheson, there's talk of Jack Campbell stepping in, although his absence from practice sessions casts doubt on his readiness. "Jack's not practicing with the team and nowhere to be found," Matheson reports, signaling that Campbell might not be the immediate answer the Oilers hope for.

The dilemma doesn't end there. With Campbell seemingly out of the picture, the Oilers face a tough decision: revert to Skinner, who has yet to find his form, or turn to Calvin Pickard. Pickard, while less experienced, may offer the fresh start the Oilers need to stabilize their defense.

Coach Knoblauch asks for more saves

In a recent statement, Coach Knoblauch was candid about the team's needs: «We need more saves.» This straightforward demand puts additional pressure on whoever stands between the pipes, hinting that Pickard might be stepping into the spotlight come game time.

As Tuesday approaches, the Oilers are not just fighting to even the series—they are fighting to regain confidence in their goaltending. Game 4, set for May 14th at 10:00 PM Eastern, will be a critical test of their resolve and strategy. Will the Oilers' choice in goalie pave the way for a turnaround, or are they skating on thin ice? The answer will soon unfold on the ice, under the bright lights and high stakes of playoff hockey.
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Oilers insider shares if Jack Campbell could be called upon in Game 4

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