Vancouver mayor slap shooting mascot
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Vancouver mayor slapshots the Oilers mascot out of a window

Published May 9, 2024 at 8:19

In an engaging display of hockey tradition, the stakes have been humorously escalated between the mayors of Vancouver and Edmonton ahead of an all-Canadian NHL playoff series. Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim launched a daring bet, challenging his counterpart, Edmonton's Mayor Amarjeet Sohi. The wager? If the Vancouver Canucks triumph over the Edmonton Oilers, Mayor Sohi will don a Canucks jersey and hoist their flag atop Edmonton City Hall.

Taking his playful provocation a notch higher, Mayor Sim was seen executing a dramatic slapshot, sending an Oilers stuffed mascot flying out of a window straight into a model of the Canucks' Killer Whale, symbolizing the intense rivalry. This bold maneuver was captured and shared widely, sparking a range of reactions across social media platforms.

The response from Mayor Sohi, while less theatrical, resonated with a different tone. Opting to steer clear of dramatic antics, he chose to highlight the spirit of Edmonton's fans and the city's support for the Oilers. In a backdrop of playful defiance, the Edmonton Opera's rendition of "La Bamba" played, coinciding with the release of a new, albeit cringeworthy, playoff anthem dedicated to the Oilers.

As both cities gear up for the series, with Game 1 set to ignite passions at 10:00 PM Eastern in Vancouver, the excitement is palpable. Such friendly yet fierce rivalries not only heighten the anticipation for the games but also showcase a lighter, more communal aspect of sports rivalries.

These events stir local pride and garner significant engagement, reminding us of the deep connections and the vibrant spirit that sports can foster among communities.

As the puck drops tonight, fans from both cities are not only eager to see their teams win but are also enjoying the unique twists their mayors have added to this age-old sporting tradition.
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Vancouver mayor slapshots the Oilers mascot out of a window

Who will be the winner of the Oilers-Canucks series?

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