Oilers Fans Come Together to Get an LA Kings Fan Fire From Her Job

Published April 27, 2023 at 12:46

The hockey world was rocked by a disturbing incident during Game 4 of the first-round playoff series between the Edmonton Oilers and the Los Angeles Kings. After the game, Oilers forward Evander Kane took to social media to call out fans who were involved in an incident where a young Oilers fan, Cecily Eklund, who is battling brain cancer, was allegedly spit on and sworn at.

According to Cecily's mother, there was a fight just two rows in front of her daughter, and she was targeted by unruly fans. Kane's decision to speak out against the incident was met with backlash from some Kings fans, including one who sent him a vulgar direct message. Kane shared a screenshot of the message, which included insults and derogatory language. The message came from a fan who claimed to work at a car dealership in San Diego.

The incident has sparked outrage in the hockey community, with many calling for a zero-tolerance policy towards abusive behavior at games. The impact on Cecily and her family cannot be undone, and it is a stark reminder that sports should be a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone, regardless of their allegiances.

Global News later confirmed that the employee with the same name as the person who sent the hateful message no longer works for the company, and the person's Instagram account appears to have been deleted. The incident serves as a reminder that there is no place for abusive behavior in sports, and it is up to everyone to ensure that all fans, players, and staff feel safe and respected.

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Oilers Fans Come Together to Get an LA Kings Fan Fire From Her Job

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