The Next Edmonton Oilers Forward Out The Door Seems Evident

Published April 27, 2023 at 12:53

The Edmonton Oilers are currently facing a significant decision regarding the future of one of their young forwards, Kailer Yamamoto. Despite showing promise early on in his career, Yamamoto's struggles this season have left the Oilers with a tough choice regarding his future.

According to Allan Mitchell of The Athletic, the Oilers may need to offer Yamamoto a much cheaper contract if they hope to keep him in Edmonton. Otherwise, it's possible that the two parties may decide to part ways. Yamamoto's current contract is set to expire soon, and his performance this season has been lackluster, with only 10 goals and 15 assists in 58 games. Additionally, he has yet to record a point in the Oilers' current playoff series against the Kings.

The Oilers must weigh the potential of Yamamoto's future performance against the cost of keeping him on the team. With his name already being mentioned in off-season rumors, it appears that Yamamoto's days with the Oilers may be numbered. It remains to be seen what decision the Oilers will ultimately make, but it's clear that they have a difficult choice ahead of them.

April 27   |   64 answers
The Next Edmonton Oilers Forward Out The Door Seems Evident

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