NHL Team Announces That They Are Changing Their Logo On April Sixth Temporarily

Published March 30, 2023 at 7:24

The Seattle Kraken are one of the most successful expansion franchises in NHL history, having quickly established themselves as contenders on the ice.

Unlike past expansion teams, such as the Senators and Ducks, who struggled for years before gaining traction, the league has allowed newer teams like the Kraken more opportunities to develop quickly and find success.

To justify the significant investment required to enter the league and renovate the old Key Arena complex, it's essential to have a competitive market. The Kraken has recognized the allure of the Seattle area and has redesigned their jerseys and logo to reflect the natural beauty of the region.

They've also introduced a themed event called Green Night, which celebrates the local environment and highlights the team's commitment to engaging with the community.

The Kraken's efforts to connect with their fans have paid off, and the team has quickly become a beloved franchise among fans in Seattle and beyond. By embracing their surroundings and engaging with fans on and off the ice, the Kraken has set a high standard for future expansion teams in the NHL.

This is the 'new' logo:


As the Seattle Kraken continues to establish itself as a successful expansion team in the NHL, it's no surprise that they're expanding their jersey lineup to keep fans engaged. In fact, they're even planning a special edition logo for April 6th to add an extra level of excitement.

The Kraken understands the importance of connecting with their fans both on and off the ice, and offering a broader range of jerseys is one way to achieve this. Their commitment to engaging with fans has been a key factor in their quick success as a team.

On April 6th, the Kraken will unveil a special edition jersey featuring a unique logo.
However, it's important to note that this change is temporary and that they plan to revert back to their original logo for future games. Regardless, this move showcases the team's commitment to providing an exciting and dynamic experience for their fans, demonstrating once again why the Kraken is a team to watch in the NHL.
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NHL Team Announces That They Are Changing Their Logo On April Sixth Temporarily

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