Adult Player Loses His Temper and Throws Bucket at Referee

Published March 30, 2023 at 9:25

Hockey players, even in beer leagues or organized pick-up games, can sometimes get carried away when disagreeing with referees. Unfortunately, with the proliferation of social media, arena cameras, and cell phone cameras, such outbursts are often captured and shared online, taking away from the enjoyment of the game.

A recent video that has gone viral on Twitter

shows a player throwing a bucket of pucks onto the ice after being ejected from a game. It's never acceptable to throw objects at officials, especially when they're not expecting it, regardless of whether the player believes the referees made a mistake. Referees are human, and they're bound to make mistakes.

The incident has drawn widespread criticism from fans and players alike, with the player's teammates also expressing their disapproval. It's important to remember that good sportsmanship is an essential aspect of hockey, regardless of the level of play. Players must respect officials and their calls, even when they disagree.

As a consequence of his actions, the player in the video is likely to face suspension, which serves as a reminder that such behavior will not be tolerated in hockey.

Source: Markerzone.com
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Adult Player Loses His Temper and Throws Bucket at Referee

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