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Insider reveals why Matthews is out, and it isn't illness anymore

Published May 2, 2024 at 1:18 PM

As the Toronto Maple Leafs stare down the barrel of elimination in Game 6 against the Boston Bruins, they will once again be without their star player, Auston Matthews.

The lack of clarity from the team has frustrated fans and analysts alike, but recent insights from ESPN's Emily Kaplan may shed some light on the situation.

Kaplan reported this morning that Matthews had indeed been battling an illness, confirming the team's previous statements. However, the plot thickens as it was revealed that during his struggle with the illness, Matthews also sustained an injury which is now sidelining him.

The details of this injury remain vague, but its impact is unmistakably significant, sidelining him for crucial playoff games.

»Auston Matthews did in fact have an illness. He was playing through it, and while he was playing through that illness, something happened in conjunction with that illness, and that's what's keeping him out. Something else happened that's more significant that's keeping him out.» -Emily Kaplan

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Today in Boston, Matthews was seen skating, sparking a glimmer of hope among fans. Despite this, reports from the scene suggest it's highly unlikely he will play. Coach Sheldon Keefe mentioned he will likely decide Matthews' participation close to game time after today's practice.

This ongoing uncertainty has not sat well with Leafs fans. The frustration is palpable, as the absence of their key player in the season's most decisive games due to scanty communication has been disheartening. Some argue that the NHL needs to evolve past such opaque practices.

Interestingly, there seems to be no added pressure from the media on the team at this juncture. Should the Maple Leafs lose to the Bruins in this manner, it could trigger a significant shakeup within the team's core forwards and organizational staff, as speculated by insiders.

With little left to lose, this could be the pressure-free environment in which the Leafs could stage a comeback. They face not only the Bruins tonight at 8:00 PM Eastern Time but also their historical penchant for playoff collapses.

Tonight's game is not just a must-win for the Leafs; it's a battle to keep their team intact and push the narrative from looming disbandment to a triumphant rally. As they take the ice in Boston, the Leafs have a chance to rewrite their story, possibly turning their underdog status into a tale of unexpected playoff heroics.
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Insider reveals why Matthews is out, and it isn't illness anymore

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