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Leafs reveal Auston Matthews updated injury status ahead of game 7

Published May 4, 2024 at 11:30

As the Toronto Maple Leafs prepare for a critical Game 7 against the Boston Bruins tonight, there are hopeful signs that key players Auston Matthews and Bobby McMann may be nearing full fitness. This development comes at a crucial time, with the series on the line and every advantage counting.

Auston Matthews, who has been battling through injury and missed participation in team activities, was spotted on the ice for the morning skate today, marking a significant change from his previous routine. Unlike the last two games where he skated separately from the team, Matthews joined the rest of the squad at TD Garden, a move that fans and analysts are interpreting as a strong indicator of his readiness to play tonight. For more details, see

In addition to Matthews' promising appearance, Leafs forward Bobby McMann was also seen with the main group for the first time today, suggesting his potential return to the lineup. His presence could provide a much-needed boost to the team's offensive capabilities. Check out more updates on this at

Matthews' participation in today's skate and his recent travel with the team to Boston are being viewed as positive indicators of his health. Video footage of him skating in practice shows him moving well, which is a relief to the team and its supporters. Follow this link for visuals of Matthews at the rink

While the return of these players to active duty is a bright spot, there remains a shadow of uncertainty.

The Leafs' coach Sheldon Keefe might still be playing strategic mind games, a common tactic in such high-stakes matchups. Nonetheless, the possibility of having Matthews and McMann back in the game could significantly alter the dynamics of the upcoming final clash.

Tonight's game, scheduled for 8:00 PM, promises to be an epic showdown, potentially made even more thrilling with the return of key Maple Leafs players.

As anticipation builds, all eyes will be on Matthews and McMann, watching to see if they can indeed take to the ice and help steer their team to victory in what promises to be a classic playoff battle.
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Leafs reveal Auston Matthews updated injury status ahead of game 7

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