Oilers and Canucks
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Start date of Oilers and Canucks series revealed by Sportsnet

Published May 4, 2024 at 7:42

The Vancouver Canucks secured their spot in the second round of the NHL playoffs with a nail-biting 1-0 victory over the Nashville Predators, clinching the series in six games. This win sets the stage for a highly anticipated all-Canadian playoff series. According to David Amber, host of Sportsnet, the first game of round two is scheduled for Tuesday, May 7th.

With the playoff schedulers working diligently to coordinate the games amidst a bustling concert season, the logistical challenges are formidable. Notably, Vancouver's Rogers Arena will also be hosting Pearl Jam on the preceding Saturday, May 4th, and Monday, May 6th.

This overlap has necessitated the shift of the Canucks' opening game to the following Tuesday.

The scheduling adjustments raise questions about the impact of the extended break on the Edmonton Oilers.

Will the additional rest prove to be a hindrance or a boon as they devise their strategy against the Canucks? There's an argument to be made that a longer layoff could be advantageous, particularly in the early playoff rounds, providing teams with a crucial opportunity to recover and regroup after a grueling regular season and first-round battles.

As both teams analyze game footage and scrutinize each other's tactics, the anticipation builds. Each team's approach to exploiting this prep time could very well determine the trajectory of this high-stakes series.
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Start date of Oilers and Canucks series revealed by Sportsnet

Who will be the winner of the series between the Oilers and Canucks in Round 2?

Oilers70088.4 %
Canucks9211.6 %
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