NHL Sends Out Statement to Edmonton Oilers: Proves They Are Clueless

Published May 13, 2023 at 10:26

The Edmonton Oilers suffered a tough loss in their recent game against the Vegas Golden Knights, with a final score of 4-3. This defeat has put the Oilers in a challenging position as they now trail the series 3-2.

During the game, Stuart Skinner and the Oilers conceded three goals in less than two minutes, making a comeback seem unlikely. Despite their efforts, the team fell short of victory. As a result, both fans and players are now eagerly anticipating the crucial Game 6. However, to their frustration, the league has yet to schedule the game.

While it was understandable that the scheduling of the Los Angeles-Edmonton series was affected by conflicts with the Lakers/Clippers, the delay in scheduling the Oilers' game seems unwarranted. Particularly perplexing is the fact that the Oilers' game is the only one scheduled for Sunday night.

In contrast, the series between the Seattle Kraken and Dallas Stars has a scheduled time for their Game 7, even though it may not be necessary. This is not the first time the Oilers have experienced such scheduling issues during the playoffs this year. On multiple occasions, their time slots have been significantly delayed, encountered problems, or have almost been forgotten about.

The most logical time slot for the Oilers' Game 6 would be 8 p.m., yet the process of scheduling seems unusually challenging. It begs the question of what obstacles are preventing these games from being scheduled alongside the other playoff games and series. Furthermore, it is perplexing how the league can schedule Game 7 before Game 6.

It is crucial for the league to address and improve their scheduling process. They should strive to be more proactive and efficient, rather than leaving everything until the last minute and relying on luck.

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NHL Sends Out Statement to Edmonton Oilers: Proves They Are Clueless

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